Recreational listening

Tony Lind, aka Gramps. Photo: Christopher Anderzon.

As I get older, I find myself craving silence more often than I used to. During periods when we are playing lots of shows, or especially when we are working in the studio, this becomes even more important. Oh, I certainly listen to a lot of music, just not every single moment of the day, which used to be the case. I would wake up to music, and have a constant soundtrack running throughout the day. These days, I have a bit of a problem with ”background music”. If I’m not listening attentively and intentionally, I often prefer not to have any music on at all. I know that this is not a very rock’n’roll thing to say, but I am rock’n’roll enough to not give a fuck.

The place where I tend to do most of my recreational listening is in the car. Before long drives I often prepare a playlist of stuff I intend to listen to, albums and artists I’ve been meaning to check out. I also have several go-to playlists, one of which is my ’Singalong’ collection, which are tunes I enjoy singing, and that give my voice a good workout. Since I often do the high harmony parts with Billy Momo, I try to work on my upper range, and have songs that stretch me a little bit.

We also have a joint playlist in the band, ’The Billy Momo toolbox’, where we all add songs that we feel somehow relates to what we do. Now, when I say ”relates to”, I use that term very loosely, and the playlist is sprawling as all hell, but it’s got a lot of great stuff in there, and we sometimes crank that playlist in the PA before our shows.

I also listen to a lot of music that doesn’t really appeal to most of the other guys in the band, so when I’m alone in the car, I try to enjoy that stuff, lots of Prog Rock and Metal, Zappa, Jazz/Fusion, Classical, and, of course, sugary sweet ballads.

Traditionally, Friday night is Movie Night at Club Purjo, but I often listen to music as well, and then I turn on the smoke machine and the colored lights and blast cool, moody music into the night, Miles Davis’ ’In a silent way’, or ’The Rite of Spring’, or Pink Floyd.

Oh, and for that hungover Sunday mornin’ comin’ down, there must be Country music, what else?

Here are some tunes to carry you through the week:

Monday: ’Breakdown’ – Prince
Tuesday: ’You Suck’ – Strapping Young Lad
Wednesday: ’Wings Of Love’ – liv
Thursday: ’Lungs’ -Townes Van Zandt
Friday: ’Echoes’ -Pink Floyd
Saturday: ’I-95’ – Fountains of Wayne
Sunday: ’The Blower’s Daughter’ – Damien Rice

What are your listening habits, folks?



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Swedish 7 piece urban folk band. Tomas Juto: keyboard/lead vocals | Oskar Hovell: acoustic guitar/banjo/lead vocals | Tony Lind: drums/vocals | Oscar Harryson: guitar | Christopher Anderzon: bass/vocals | Mårten Forssman: harmonica | Andreas Prybil: percussion/vocals

3 thoughts on “Recreational listening”

  1. Nice one. Pretty close to a perfect week, especially towards the end. 🙂

    I would definitely throw in some more classics though. I’d start off weird and mellow, because you need to embrace the darkness of Mondays. Then build up your midweek with some soft rock and timeless standards, let your shiny happy self just explode on Friday, and finally cool down with some soothing oldies during the rest of the weekend. And yes – Sunday is good for Country. Actually, most days are great for Country.

    Here’s my humble contribution;

    Monday: This Corrosion – Sisters Of Mercy
    Tuesday: Walking After You – Foo Fighters
    Wednesday: Young At Heart – Frank Sinatra
    Thursday: The Long Run – Eagles
    Friday: Desire – U2
    Saturday: Daydream – The Lovin’ Spoonful
    Sunday: Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show

    Rock on!


  2. I’m definitely with you on craving silence. I rarely have background music playing. I like to listen to the music and catch all the subtleties and nuances. I’ve recently added Billy Momo to my play list, but in the past few years I’ve been seeking music that for me iuout of the ordinary, so I listen to a lot of Polish, Italian, Baltic, Icelandic, Japanese, etc. music that falls into mostly what I consider “folk rock” and “folk metal” categories. Once I listened to a few songs by Billy Momo, I was rather surprised you all hadn’t come up in suggested music lists as your style is very much what I consider folk rock.


    1. I finally got a moment and put a tune a day together:

      Monday: Anna Tatangelo – Sensi
      Tuesday: Afromental – Rock&Rollin’ Love (the music video is especially good)
      Wednesday: Akaga & Roussinoff – Rockabilly ЗВЕЗДА
      Thursday: Donatan-Cleo — MY SŁOWIANIE
      Friday: Articolo 31 – La Mia Ragazza Mena
      Saturday: Kaleo – Way Down We Go
      Sunday: Delta Rae – Bottom Of The River


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