Who’s Billy Momo?

Billy Momo isn’t singular, Billy Momo is a community.

Billy_Momo_foto Marcus LandströmFrom left to right:

OSCAR HARRYSON aka The Head: A gastronomic guitarist who once in awhile enjoys a glass of fine liquor and a cigar.

ANDREAS PRYBIL aka Preacher Man: His deep voice, cool attitude and rugged good looks very much excuse a sometimes short fuse.

TOMAS JUTO, aka Barba (or Barbarossa):  The life of this lead singer is a constant source of inspiration. And concern..

TONY LIND, aka Gramps: Hard hammering literary drummer that loves musical biographies and horror movies.

CHRISTOPHER ANDERZON, aka The Coffa: Doesn’t say much, but when he does, it stings. As a contrast to the rest of them, smarter than loud.

MÅRTEN FORSSMAN, aka Hotlips: Harmonica player and skilled craftsman, handling his instrument in the same delicate way as the axe back on his farm.

OSKAR HOVELL, aka Orren: The band’s’ s occasional introvert poster boy/diva with a penchant for gluten free food.