Artist biography

Not all that long ago two weathered musicians, Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell, decided to leave the comforts and tribulations of their previous music endeavors. They went into the Swedish woods to collaborate and eventually give birth to an idea that would become Billy Momo.

Billy Momo has matured and expanded since its beginnings. Two talented and eager men have become seven independent but like minded souls on a journey that has led Billy Momo into uncharted and exciting music landscapes. Brilliant music videos, as well as being featured in the international TV sensation Better Call Saul and now a brand new best-to-date album; Seven Rivers Wild.

Coming into your own, confidence in freedom to expand and explore is human nature. The experiences life affords the seekers of honesty is never complete but groundwork for stages in eras we all thrive in. Billy Momo have completed their most achieved work to date with their new album Seven Rivers Wild.

Blazon roots rock, timeless pop in a one-of-kind sound that travels genres while staying true to the 7 piece band’s core sound. Seven Rivers Wild showcases solidly that Billy Momo have come into their own, not afraid to reach further into unexplored depths not touched on with their previous two releases. Using real life experiences to write stories we instantly relate to.

Letting go of fears and utilizing more to deliver a self-assured, bold album conceived by a tight knit community of brilliant musicians with individual perspectives and backgrounds culminating in open expression that will certainly appeal to a wider audience.

The songwriting on Seven Rivers Wild is more conversational than previous releases. Taking the listener along and into the worlds in which the inspirations were born.

Oskar Hovell, one of the two lead singers of Billy Momo explains, “Seven Rivers Wild got a lot of gusto. It’s still very much our own sound, just like the two earlier albums, just a little more self assured. Like we’re all grown up now and we’re not scared of anyone any more, you know? Drunktalk was our first album as a 7-piece band. On this one, the band’s getting comfortable, bringing the ruckus. We’re not really doing what we’ve been ‘force fed’ any more, everyone’s really expressing themselves. It’s a little less laid-back than we usually are and we’re venturing a little deeper into different genres. Which is new for us.”

“This album deals with changes a lot. Now and in our past. All of these changes, I believe, are or will be in the end a good thing. We’d want the listener to feel with us. All the pain, rage and frustration that we’ve felt, but end up feeling optimistic.

“Billy Momo have always been intrigued with the idea that we all have a devil inside of us. Sometimes, right in the middle of changing diapers and buying presents for mother’s Day, we find ourselves wondering if it’s all an act. If we’re just pretending to be a good boys. When though in our hearts all we want to do is bring the chaos, go on a bender, rock out with our cock out, so to speak. The devil inside me and Tomas have been evident in our music since we started, but on this album you can go on a hellride with all seven devils.”

Billy Momo isn’t singular, Billy Momo is a community.


The life of this lead singer is a constant source of inspiration. And concern..

The band’s’ s occasional introvert poster boy/diva with a penchant for gluten free food.

A gastronomic guitarist who once in awhile enjoys a glass of fine liquor and a cigar.

Hard hammering literary drummer that loves musical biographies and horror movies.

Doesn’t say much, but when he does, it stings. As a contrast to the rest of them, smarter than loud.

Harmonica player and skilled craftsman, handling his instrument in the same delicate way as the axe back on his farm.

His deep voice, cool attitude and rugged good looks very much excuse a sometimes short fuse.