Billy Momo is a seven-piece band, which does make certain things a little more difficult than for, say, a trio. Logistics, for instance. Several cars are required at all times, which isn’t exactly cost efficient, especially since it often includes a van or minibus of some kind to bring gear and personnel to the gig.

Communication can be a tough nut to crack, as well. We tend to do most of the talking through a group chat, just so we can make sure that everyone receives all pieces of information, and even this way it sometimes fails, not the least since not everybody in the band are, how should I put this, keen on social media. But it’s the best solution we have come up with so far.

Scheduling rehearsals, recording sessions and shows can be tricky, and making group decisions can sometimes take a long time when seven people (eight, when you throw our manager Biggis into the mix as well) must all have their say.

It’s a good thing we are a fairly agreeable bunch, for the most part. Some are more opinionated than others, or we have different areas we feel strongly about, but we have no bullies in the band, and everyone’s opinion is respected.

Tomas_928 copy
Barba. Photo: Robert Eldrim, Medljus.

Barba is sensible and pragmatic usually, although he can be a bit testy when something rubs him the wrong way. But for the most part, he can be relied on to have a level-headed and practical view on the things at hand. Also, if he wants to settle a matter by arm-wrestling you, you’ll lose. Every time.


Orren. Photo: Robert Eldrim, Medljus.

Orren is visionary in scope. He is often the guy who comes up with concepts for videos, and listening to his between-song banter on stage is one of my favorite things these days, but he can be a bit of a snob in his tastes, and he worries a lot about credibility.


The Coffa. Photo: Robert Eldrim, Medljus.

The Coffa is ever the heckler, and you have to be able to put up with his jedi-level skills in Sarcasm at all times. But then he pulls out his camera and takes the most beautiful and artistic photographs, so we know there is a sensitive soul somewhere inside him, and all is forgiven. Just don’t let him order the shots, or you’ll be drinking Fernet all night!


Preacher Man. Photo: Robert Eldrim, Medljus.

Preach is perceived as the Grumpy Guy, with his demeanor and speech patterns, which are combinations of various expletives, usually four-letter ones, though he really is a sweetheart if you know how to scratch him. But if you need a quick response from him, don’t use social media. Smoke signals would work faster.


Hot Lips. Photo: Robert Eldrim, Medljus.

Hot Lips might seem like a very even-tempered chap, but when he gets angry, you really don’t want to be the guy who set him off. Just check him out in the upcoming video for ’Following me, following you’. There’s a wild thing inside that mellow man. But usually he is our cute little eccentric, and one of the band’s fashion police squad enforcers.


The Head. Photo: Robert Eldrim, Medljus.

The Head is always enthusiastic about something, a new piece of gear, a guitar, an album, something. And boy, will he tell you about it. I struggle to think of one instant when I’ve seen him in a really bad mood. I’m sure it’s happened, but… When I think of him, I think of a big smile, and an attitude of anything being possible.


Gramps. Photo: Robert Eldrim, Medljus. 

And what about me? I’m not sure, it’s kind of hard to describe your own character. I’m probably the guy who doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously, until I do, and then I’m serious as a fucking heart attack. Also, I will send pictures of scrotums (not mine) in the group chat when I’m bored. And, occasionally, I will pee on The Head’s jacket.