MomoTV – episode 1

A little insight into what’s Billy Momo. We’re planning to produce these and publish every Sunday, to be found through our socials, and here through the blog. We’d love feedback, and if there’s anything you would like us to feature in one of the shows – just let us know!


Not in it for the money

Orren. Photo: Christopher Anderzon.

We’re not in it for the money. Neither is anyone else. Because it’s not 1996.
And we can’t complain, we’re in it for the love of it. Who cares about money, right?

Well, terribly sorry, but we all do. Because we live in the real world. There’s rent and clothes and food and shit, even for us musicians.

So, obviously, since our job has turned into a hobby, we all got day jobs. And we put every extra penny and every spare minute into our music. In 2017, making music is expensive. At least if you want to reach out.
Say you’re an act that doesn’t need a studio. You can spend a couple thousand dollars on equipment and record in your closet. Great! If you wanna reach an audience, though, you’ll need something for that. You might have a great plan for this that is free of charge. That’s rare, though. Only thing more rare than that is a record company or anyone at all in the business investing money in a marketing plan for anyone who doesn’t already have ten million youtube hits. They can’t afford to. Nor can they afford to invest in any other part of the operation. Studio time, producers, tour management, all of that. What was once a whole industry, is now just you. People who claim to know “the right people” will charge you very real money for very vague promises. Someone who apparently is somebody might listen to your shit. Then what? Well, no one will tell you, but they’ll charge you. Venues will offer you “great exposure” instead of pay.

Enough whining, I really can’t complain. This is a choice and I’m far from the only one who’s not getting paid for doing what I love. What I’m trying to say is just this: If an artist or musician is trying to exploit different parts of their operation, they’re probably not trying to make you pay for a new car. Or even a new Xbox. I know I’m not. They’re just trying to make sure they get to keep making music. /Orren