MomoTV – episode 1

A little insight into what’s Billy Momo. We’re planning to produce these and publish every Sunday, to be found through our socials, and here through the blog. We’d love feedback, and if there’s anything you would like us to feature in one of the shows – just let us know!


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Swedish 7 piece urban folk band. Tomas Juto: keyboard/lead vocals | Oskar Hovell: acoustic guitar/banjo/lead vocals | Tony Lind: drums/vocals | Oscar Harryson: guitar | Christopher Anderzon: bass/vocals | Mårten Forssman: harmonica | Andreas Prybil: percussion/vocals

One thought on “MomoTV – episode 1”

  1. This is an interesting idea. I’m probably not a very good market for videoTV, as I come across lots of it on YouTube, but I don’t have the patience to watch people talk about whatever (I haven’t had a regular TV in over 35 years so I not well conditioned to watch TV in any medium). However, since I have a special interest in Bill Momo, I watched the episode and it is interesting and entertaining to see and hear Orren, Barba and Gramps talk about some of the stuff going on in their lives.

    I couldn’t agree with Gramps more on the concept of a “man cave”. Anything for men only is usually anathema to me (public restrooms would be one exception). The closest thing I have to a “man cave” is my darkroom. I can’t say how manly it is, but at least it’s very cave-like as it’s pitch black inside. I can really relate to Barba and his remodeling — I always seem to be remodeling something at home, at my daughter’s house or at the office. I’ve tried to retire from handyman activities many times and it just never happens (not many professionals in the age of the Internet and .coms seem to have woodworking or construction skills).

    One thing you might have thought of that I think might be cool in future MomoTV episodes would be to have a recording session, or concert playing in the background, and have a commentary box inset in the corner of the screen with the band members explaining what they are doing or what’s going through their heads during the session or concert. Like how the video gamers often have a running commentary going on while they play games.

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