Billy Momo sounds like… eeerrr? hmmm… what? (guest blog)

Billy Momo sounds like?

Ever since I started working with Billy Momo two years ago, we’ve constantly been battling with the issue of how to describe the sound. The (first and) second album, Drunktalk, was labeled “urban folk” by international media. By me, I think the term ‘folk’ tends to be a little, little misleading, but I kept using it throughout the album launch campaign.

The third and latest album, Seven Rivers Wild took another musical turnway. This time the ‘folky’ bits were tuned down a notch and Billy Momo got a more classic sound, somewhat guitar driven but still that nice and quirky tone to it. For SRW the ‘urban folk’ label did not fit, at least not for all the tracks so I used ‘alternative rock’.

And with new material coming up, starting from October – it sounds we’re heading a bit towards the sound on the first two albums again. We tried to think up a new genre, ‘beat root’ – I think it sums the sound really great, but you catch it really first you see it in print. I don’t want the audience to think about shopping vegetables when they think of Billy Momo. Or, on the other hand – maybe I would like that? Vegetables are good for you!

So, what should we call the sound of Billy Momo? Any suggestions?

/Birgitta, manager Billy Momo

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Swedish 7 piece urban folk band. Tomas Juto: keyboard/lead vocals | Oskar Hovell: acoustic guitar/banjo/lead vocals | Tony Lind: drums/vocals | Oscar Harryson: guitar | Christopher Anderzon: bass/vocals | Mårten Forssman: harmonica | Andreas Prybil: percussion/vocals

2 thoughts on “Billy Momo sounds like… eeerrr? hmmm… what? (guest blog)”

  1. As I believe I mentioned at some point, I now tell people Billy Momo has a “working man’s” sounds. That’s not easily defined, but people seem more interested in giving you a listen to discover what I’m talking about than when I would say you have a “folk rock” sound. What to call your sound is a tough one.


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