Gig last night, in a small and extremely cosy little place a couple of Swedish miles outside of Stockholm. This is a short little clip from the gig, involving a really dark moment. The power went out. Very powerful!

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Swedish 7 piece urban folk band. Tomas Juto: keyboard/lead vocals | Oskar Hovell: acoustic guitar/banjo/lead vocals | Tony Lind: drums/vocals | Oscar Harryson: guitar | Christopher Anderzon: bass/vocals | Mårten Forssman: harmonica | Andreas Prybil: percussion/vocals

3 thoughts on “Blackout”

  1. Blackout indeed. I can’t view the video. None of my browsers don’t support 360 video, and Facebook says I suck because I don’t have a Facebook account, so I can’t view your video. Oh! Well! I trust that it’s great.

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