Working on a dream


It’s a beauty don’t you think?

I’ve got myself a moped with a flatbed. I actually could already have owned one.
When I grew up, an elder relative of mine parked a moped like this one in the woods behind our house. It wasn’t functioning, and I was to young to repair it, so all I could do as a kid was dream about driving it.

Suddenly one day, together with my uncles and some welding, the moped got a changed appearance. It was turned into a gocart. We used a 5 hp motor from an old cultivator, and as for breaks we used nothing.

I still remember the high speed driving. It sure was fast! And the rock in the ditch I crashed it into, sure did it’s job to. I got out just fine, the gocart didn’t. Enough whining about that.

I bought this moped a while ago. It had been left halfway out in a lake or something like that, and as with the case with my bass harmonica, some earlier owner has made some not so great improvements on it, but I seem to prefer to buy stuff like that, and make some crappy stuff work again.

Besides me looking really cool on the road with it, I think the moped can be of use for the band, shooting music videos. Me driving, The Coffa with the steady cam on the flatbed, the rest of the guys in front of us running for their lives… I mean acting.. acting… not running, screaming and crying… noooo, just some good old acting.. perfect. (Mårten ‘Hotlips’ Forssman, harmonica)


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Swedish 7 piece urban folk band. Tomas Juto: keyboard/lead vocals | Oskar Hovell: acoustic guitar/banjo/lead vocals | Tony Lind: drums/vocals | Oscar Harryson: guitar | Christopher Anderzon: bass/vocals | Mårten Forssman: harmonica | Andreas Prybil: percussion/vocals

4 thoughts on “Working on a dream”

  1. I have to say that is the first flatbed moped I have ever seen. I started riding motorcycles when I was 9, and while I’ve had a few funky motos in my day, I never thought of adding a flatbed to any of them. That’s very cool and I can image the usefulness for shooting music videos, and driving some top notch acting out of folks you’re following around, filming on your moped. It’s refreshing to see innovation and handiwork skills applied to renew and reuse a discarded moped.

    BTW My wife and I were at a friend’s house last night, and our friend was showing us how her Amazon Alexa worked (we don’t have TV or Alexa). I had her ask Alexa to put on Billy Momo, and Alexa brought up Drunktalk and started plying “I’ve Got You”. I was pleasantly surprised, because Amazon Music has had none of the Polish, Baltic or Italian music I like, but Amazon Prime Music has Billy Momo. Woohoo! I had our friend check out a few songs, and “It’s Mine” video before we went on to other things — she is now very intrigued by Billy Momo.


  2. Hey Timothy
    So the flatbed mopeds never made it across the Atlantic I guess, and they are really useful as you imagend. But I think most people here nowadays gets a four wheeled motorcycle when they want something they can use at home for different work purposes.

    Thank you for spreading our music! It’s great to hear about people appreciating our music. I’ve never heard about Amazon Alexa, but now I’ll look it up!

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    1. The four wheel ATV’s are really popular over here, also. I had 3 wheeled Cushman scooters when I was young. They were quite useful.

      Alexa is Amzon’s answer to Apple’s Siri. She’s the AI for Amazon’s Fire TV stick, Dot, Echo, etc. She follows the users commands to turn on music, smart devices and appliances, answer questions, etc. We don’t have any Amazon devices other than Kindles. We do have Apple products, and my wife uses Siri on her iPhone, but I haven’t turned Siri on yet (I’m not sure what would happen if I turned Siri on. Sounds sexy anyway). What I don’t like about Amazon’s devices that use Alexa, is that she is always listening, so you give up even more privacy with gadgets that have Alexa.

      Siri is bad enough. The other night my wife and I were having a rather animated discussion about the existence of God. I was reading a book by a minister, and I thought his arguments for the existence of God were really lame. My wife had her iPhone charging on the other side of the room, We were in the middle of our discussion, when Siri interrupted and started talking about existence, with different references to existence from God to the Polish thrash/death metal band ExistencE. We were like WTF Siri? We didn’t ask you to butt in. But I guess she couldn’t take being silent and had to join in on the discussion. These freakin’ gadgets are always listening.


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