The Friday night of a rock’n’roller

mobettermugI have a confession to make.

Don’t judge me. I know I’m a musician and all, and therefore have responsibilities. I’m supposed to be out clubbing or hanging out at some decadent burlesque party drinking and smoking way too much.
I do that too on Fridays, sometimes, I promise!
But most Friday nights I’m actually at home. These days it’s quite hard to make a living out of being a rock’n’roller. Especially if you’re not that into the whole mainstream thing. Which means – day jobs!
Day jobs means writing, recording and doing gigs is a weekend thing most of the time.
This Friday for example I’ve been drinking coffee, writing lyrics and planting a plum tree given to me by Mr Preacherman himself. Not very rock’n’roll but way more productive than lying passed out at some after party. That’s a Saturday night thing. (Tomas Juto, aka Barba). 


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Swedish 7 piece urban folk band. Tomas Juto: keyboard/lead vocals | Oskar Hovell: acoustic guitar/banjo/lead vocals | Tony Lind: drums/vocals | Oscar Harryson: guitar | Christopher Anderzon: bass/vocals | Mårten Forssman: harmonica | Andreas Prybil: percussion/vocals

2 thoughts on “The Friday night of a rock’n’roller”

  1. Working, writing, rehearsing, recording, editing, producing, booking, calling, emailing, keeping up a website… it’s more work than most people know, but a true labor of love.

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  2. I think it’s easier to make a living as a musician these days than it is a photographer. General you have to have some talent, usually a lot of talent, to make it as a musician. Photography? Even a mediocre digital camera helps turn most anyone into a decent photographer. One of the great things about digital photography, but often a rather bad thing for professional photographers. But that’s beside the point. There is all that work DrumWild mentions, and the day job on top of it all for many musicians. After spending a good part of my day chasing down and fixing network issues at the office, I’ll spend an exciting evening at home herding cats, processing photos, posting a blog, and then seeing if there are any Billy Momo videos I haven’t watched yet on YouTube.


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